How to upload Discogs inventory into iHaveit and eBay

Here are simple steps to automatically list your Discogs collection into iHaveit and eBay

  1. Log into your Discogs page and export your collection to your desktop.

    From your Discogs Inventory page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Export CSV". This will enable you to download your Discogs inventory as a .csv file, which you can then bulk load into the iHaveit and eBay
  2. Log into iHaveit, (create a account if a new user)
  3. Add your paypal details so your items can be seen as for sale
  4. Add your delivery charges so iHaveit increases your sales price to include delivery costs 
  5. Go to the iHaviet bulk importer and load your Discogs CSV collection (or manually load)
  6. Your items are now available for sale on iHaveit and are promoted to our 200million buyer network.
  7. Make sure you update your Discogs file into iHaveit reguarly to ensure items sold and added rconcile on both platforms. iHaveit does a compare and contrast each time you load a new Discogs file to iHaveit, automatically removing any items sold from the previous file and also adding any new inventory for sale. This ensure there is always a single up to date inventory in iHaveit, reducing changes of duplicate sales.


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