BBC Broadcasts
EUROPE, 2023, Format: Vinyl,LP, Compilation, Stereo
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BBC Broadcasts

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Mint sealed new, but slight creasing to the bottom left corner.

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Label NameCatalogue No
EMI  00602435686370
UMC  00602435686370
BBC  00602435686370
Barcode (Text) : 6 02435 68637 0
Barcode (Text) : 602435686370


1 Paris (1972)

2 The Musical Box

3 Sound Of The 70's (1971)

4 Stagnation

5 Sound Of The 70's (1972)

6 Harlequin

7 Harold The Barrel

8 Top Gear (1972)

9 Get' Em Out By Friday

10 Wembley Arena (1975)

11 Watcher Of The Skies

12 Lyceum (1980)

13 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

14 The Carpet Crawlers

15 Behind The Lines

16 Duchess

17 Guide Vocal

18 Duke‘s Travels

19 Duke's End

20 Say It's Alright Joe

21 The Lady Lies

22 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

23 Wembley (1987)

24 Mama

25 That's All

26 Home By The Sea

27 Second Home By The Sea

28 Throwing It All Away

29 Knebworth (1992)

30 No Son Of Mine

31 Driving The Last Spike

31 Songs 0:0 minutes