Roaring Brass
UK, 2016, Format: CD, Album
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Roaring Brass

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Label NameCatalogue No
Roots Hitek Music  RHCD007


1 Humble Lion

2 Nah Bow Down

3 Sahara Brass

4 Sahara Dub

5 Kalahari Brass

6 Kalahari Dub

7 Work Da Ground

8 Roaring Brass

9 Roaring Dub

10 Vishan Brass

11 Vishan Dub

12 Drum Salute

13 Herbal Healing

14 Queen

15 Queen Dub

16 Satta Roots

17 Royal Muzik

18 Jah Time

19 Humble Lion - Congo

19 Songs 0:0 minutes