Live After Death
EUROPE, 2014, Format: 2 x Vinyl,LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
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Live After Death

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Label NameCatalogue No
Parlophone  2564624865
Barcode (Text) : 8 25646 24865 0


1 Intro: Churchill's Speech 0:49

2 Aces High 4:38

3 2 Minutes To Midnight 6:06

4 The Trooper 4:18

5 Revelations 6:20

6 Flight Of Icarus 3:53

7 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 13:21

8 Powerslave 7:34

9 The Number Of The Beast 4:59

10 Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:30

11 Iron Maiden 4:20

12 Run To The Hills 3:54

13 Running Free 8:42

14 Wrathchild 3:07

15 22 Acacia Avenue 6:18

16 Children Of The Damned 4:37

17 Die With Your Boots On 5:14

18 Phantom Of The Opera 7:23

18 Songs 103:3 minutes