Exclusively For My Friends
GERMANY, 2014, Format: Vinyl,LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180g | Box Set,Compilation, Limited Edition
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Exclusively For My Friends

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Label NameCatalogue No
Edel  0209478MSW
MPS Records  0209478MSW
Barcode (Text) : 4029759094784
Barcode (Text) : 4 029759 094784
Barcode (Text) : 4029759094784


1 Vol I - Action

2 At Long Last Love 4:56

3 Easy Walker 9:36

4 Tin Tin Deo 5:34

5 I've Got A Crush On You 5:15

6 Foggy Day 4:35

7 Like Someone In Love 11:18

8 Vol II - Girl Talk

9 On A Clear Day 4:29

10 I'm In The Mood For Love 16:50

11 Girl Talk 5:32

12 Medley 6:24

13 Robbins Nest 6:16

14 Vol III - The Way I Really Play

15 Waltzing Is Hip

16 Satin Doll 16:02

17 Love Is Here To Stay 4:45

18 Sandy's Blues 9:26

19 Alice In Wonderland 4:41

20 Noreen's Nocturne 5:15

21 Vol IV - My Favorite Instrument

22 Someone To Watch Over Me 4:10

23 Perdido 6:10

24 Body And Soul 4:28

25 Who Can I Turn To 4:53

26 Bye Bye Blackbird 4:50

27 I Should Care 4:42

28 Lulu's Back In Town 2:00

29 Little Girl Blue 6:02

30 Take The "A" Train 2:37

31 Vol V - Mellow Mood

32 In A Mellotone 5:58

33 Nica's Dream 7:46

34 Green Dolphin Street 6:18

35 Summertime 5:20

36 Sometimes I'm Happy 5:04

37 Who Can I Turn To 6:18

38 Vol VI- Travellin' On

39 Travellin' On 2:29

40 Emily 10:16

41 Quiet Nights 7:25

42 Sax No End 5:57

43 When Lights Are Low 10:53

43 Songs 234:30 minutes