Spit In Your Ear
UK, 1986, Format: Vinyl, LP
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Spit In Your Ear

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Media Condition Excellent

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the disk is in excellent condition, minor hairlines and marks, looks great and plays well

the sleeve is in excellent condition , minor circle wear and minor marks on the edging, otherwise it looks great.

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Label NameCatalogue No
Virgin  V2403


1 Spitting Image Sig. Tune

2 Ronnie & Maggie Goodbye

3 Royal Singalong

4 Weather Forecast

5 Coleman Peaks

6 We've Got Beards [ZZ Top]

7 Second Coming

8 Someone Famous Has Died

9 Tea At Johnnie's

10 Trendy Kinnock

11 Da Do Run Ron

12 Ronnie's Birthday

13 One Man And His Bitch

14 Special Relationship

15 Clean Rugby Songs

16 O'Toole's Night Out

17 Spock The Actor

18 Line Of Celebrities

19 The Price Is Right

20 Botha Tells The Truth

21 I've Never Met A Nice South African

22 End Announcement

23 Pete Townsend Appeals

24 Our Generation [The Who]

25 The Three Davids

26 Two Party System

27 Hello You Must Be Going [Phil Collins]

28 Naming The Royal Baby

29 Bruno And Ruthless

30 The South Bank Show On Ronnie Hazlehurst

31 Bernard Manning Newsflash

32 Juan Carlos Meets The Queen

33 The Chicken Song [The Celebrity Mega Mix}

34 Lawson Goes Bonkers

35 Talk Bollocks

36 Snooker Names

37 Good Old British Bloke

38 Black Moustache [Prince]

39 Uranus

40 Dennis Thatcher's Pacemaker

41 John & Tatum: The Young Married

42 We're Scared Of Bob

43 Trooping The Colour

44 Night Thoughts

44 Songs 0:0 minutes