Men Are From Venus And Girls Are From Mars
UK, 2000, Format: CD,Compilation, Promo, Sampler
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Men Are From Venus And Girls Are From Mars

Shipped From Country United Kingdom

Sellers ID Patrick C - 1142

Media Condition Near Mint

Sleeve Condition Very Good

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Stunning condition, properly graded, collectors will not be disappointed, sleeve bottom has edge wear

Reference Number-1113363119

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Label NameCatalogue No


1 Bag It Up 3:42

2 Rewind 3:39

3 Shalala Lala 3:37

4 Only The Women Know 3:03

5 Money 4:02

6 Untitled (How Does It Feel) 4:23

7 Forgive Me 3:49

8 A Brighter Day 6:20

9 Shiver 5:02

10 The Cedar Room 4:34

11 Actually Its Darkness 2:43

12 A Fanclub Would Be Nice 3:10

13 Guilty 4:12

14 I 2:53

15 Hello World 3:17

16 Stop Playing With My Mind 3:24

17 Expo 2000 Kling Klang Mix 2000 (Radio Mix) 3:50

18 Inertia Kicks 3:13

19 She's Got All The Friends 2:53

20 Stiff Upper Lip 3:35

20 Songs 75:21 minutes