PROMO 12-1-79

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US, 1979, Format: Vinyl,LP, Promo
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Sellers ID Andrew G - 293

Media Condition Very Good

Sleeve Condition Generic

cube15 - 1979 us promo lp + covering letter vg/-

Reference Number-1130496221

Almost all of our 12 inch Albums will include a basic plain or printed inner sleeve to protect the record. However a inner sleeve is not considered part of this purchase, unless explicitely mentioned in this listing. Any purchase should be made with the understanding the inner sleeve is provided as/is.

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A generic sleeve is typically not the original sleeve. When shipped, we may provide a generic paper or plastic sleeve. A generic sleeve means the item many have initially had an official artwork sleeve but it has probably been replaced with a generic sleeve and is not the original sleeve provided in this sale.

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Label NameCatalogue No
MUSE   PROMO 12-1-79
MUSE   PROMO 12-1-79


1 Interview 5:35

2 Interview 5:13

3 Interview 5:00

4 Interview 5:10

5 Statement 3:20

6 The Times They Are A-Changin' 5:10

7 MUSE Public Service Announcements 1:00

8 MUSE Public Service Announcements 1:00

9 MUSE Public Service Announcements 0:30

9 Songs 31:58 minutes