iHaveit eBay Bulk Lister

iHaveit automatically lists music files into eBay.

You have already done the hard work cataloguing your Music collection.  Simply log into iHaveit and drop your CVS or XLS file into the bulk loader and let our automation tools automatically list your items for sale into eBay.

About the iHaveit eBay Sales Integrator
iHaveit’s eBay Bulk Lister automatically lists items for sale into eBay.

Our experience has shown loading new items for sale into eBay can take between 8 to 15 minutes per item. The iHaveit bulk lister can list a 1,000+ items into eBay within seconds.

Adding new items regularly into eBay can require significant staff resources and all the associated costs of staffing to process loading items and to keep updating eBay items for sale. It can be very time consuming to add the selling description, the catalogue or reference numbers, item conditions, comments about the item, images and the many other data fields.  The iHaveit eBay bulk lister removes all this time-consuming manual work with the ability to list thousands of items into eBay within seconds.

Use of the iHaveit eBay Bulk Lister is subject to iHaveit terms and conditions and is subject to eBay terms, conditions and fees

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