iHaveit is Crowdfunding

You may have noticed the massive renewed interest in vinyl records. iHaveit is tapping into this renewed $US1billion vinyl market interest, that is showing strong growth of 19.2% in the USA and 13.6% in the UK. You can invest in this exciting growth market with iHaveit.

iHaveit has reached a major milestone this week with over 1million vinyl records and CD's for sale added by iHaveit users, with over 140,000 visits looking at over 1.9million items since our recent launch, and over 19,000 Facebook Group users,  iHaveit is becoming the modern go to place to collect, buy and sell music.

Your investment will make you a part equity owner of iHaveit, your own company, and will assist our product development programmes, such as adding vinyl records and CD auctions and raffles sales function, enhancing our smart phone function, and many other features to help users collect, buy and sell vinyl records and CD's.

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All investors receive a share certificate, something cool for the wall.

With Christmas approaching you could donate your crowdfund equity shares to a family or friend, a novel Christmas gift.

NOTE: This program is not available to USA, Canada or Japan residents because of local country regulations.  

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.