About iHaveit

iHaveit is a free to use music buying, selling and collecting platform, providing a single place for record shops and music lovers worldwide to sell and collect Vinyl Records, CDs, Tape and Autographs. iHaveit also includes comprehensive Collectors cataloguing and financial estimating features.

If you are a music collector or independent record store iHaveit provides an easy way to build, buy and sell your Records, CD’s and Tape Cassettes and other physical music collection,

iHaveit connects music collectors and independent record stores, enabling music super collectors, traders, music fairs goers and other valued networks to share details of their collections, and connects collectors, buyers and sellers to help buy and sell music for the best price and condition.

iHave is focused to help music collectors and traders too:

  1. Find and buy new or collectable music items
  2. Sell your music items
  3. Helps estimate the financial value of your music items to ensure items are sold and purchased for the best possible price
  4. Collect and catalogue music items. It can be very time consuming for collectors and traders to capture and itemise physical music collections, we have focused to provide a easy to use platform to capture and itemise collections

An important part of iHaveit is our homelessness philanthropic interest, focused on helping resolve homelessness issues. The iHaveit Leadership Team are working in the areas of homeless fund raising, social responsiveness, cross-education and infrastructure investment. Click here to learn more,

You can learn more about iHaveit and how to use it from our Frequently Asked Questions page