iHaveit is a Music and Entertainment Marketplace

We connect sellers to over 200 million buyers

Free to use and list items for sale, iHaveit has thousands of members buying and selling thousands of Vinyl Records and CD's each month. iHaveit provides a single place for record stores, music lovers and enthusiasts to sell, buy and collect Vinyl Records, CDs, Cassettes, DVD's, Autographs and other Merchandise. Sellers pay only a small sales fee for items sold by iHaveit. 

We have over 200 million buyers in our network. We leverage our network to help our iHaveit members sell inventory.

As brick and mortar stores adapt towards both instore sales and web sales, many are failing to gain web traffic and sales, simply because there are tens of thousands of web sites online selling simular inventory.

It can take over10 years to generate sustainable sales via direct web sites. To resolve this challenge, iHaveit created partnerships with leading Marketplaces, and we promote independent store inventory to over 200 million buyers.  We help sellers achieve sales immediately, saving the years required to build a successful web presence.

Sellers only pay a small fee for items we sell as outlined in our FAQ section.

Here are the five quick and easy steps to get started

  1. Create an account or log into iHaveit https://www.ihaveit.io/login
  2. Add your PayPal details so your items can be seen and sold https://www.ihaveit.io/payment
  3. Add your delivery charges so iHaveit increases your sales price to include delivery costs https://www.ihaveit.io/user/delivery
  4. Go to the bulk importer and load your inventory collection https://www.ihaveit.io/user/importCollection
  5. Then email [email protected] to advise you have loaded your inventory, so we can qualify your account for promotions (we cannot promote accounts until we have the email).


You can learn more about iHaveit from our Frequently Asked Questions page

Homeless Focus
An important part of iHaveit is our homelessness philanthropic interest