iHaveit Returns Policy

Buyers have the right to return purchased items within 30 days of the delivery, with two return options:

  1. A seller sold an item not as described, such as: wrong item received, wrong colour or artwork, or the condition is not the same as described. If a buyer requests a return, You the seller must pay for a return label for the collection and return to your office. Once returned you the Seller will refund iHaveit and iHaveit will refund the customer via the Service.
  2. The buyer changes their mind, called a remorse return, (the buyer pays for the return label and returns the item. Once returned the Seller will refund iHaveit and iHaveit will refund the buyer. 

Country Specific Returns Policies. Every country has there own specific laws regarding returns processes, iHaveit supports and follows all local country return policies laws. For example, the UK law is very specific about returns as outlined on the Govt web site: https://www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds

iHaveit sellers are legally required to follow the returns policies of each country. ‘Sellers must offer a full refund if an item is faulty, not as described or does not do what it’s supposed to.’ 

As part of our multi-sync promotions tool, iHaveit may sell your item on the Service or another marketplace, such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Shopify etc (Marketplaces). Marketplaces may automatically return items to the iHaveit office when the item is not as described or does not do what it is supposed to. This is because iHaveit holds the commercial contract with our marketplace accounts. Once a return is received at the iHaveit office the seller can provide a pre-paid label to have the item returned to your office.

Other returns, such as buyer changed their mind, may be sent directly back to your office address, sometimes the marketplaces intervene and send the items to the iHaveit office. 

The intervention of the marketplaces is outside of iHaveit’s control. This is a marketplace trust and safety controls process, controlled by the marketplaces. If an item is returned to the iHaveit offices the marketplaces invoices iHaveit for the return, iHaveit will pass the return fee on to the Seller. When items are returned directly to iHaveit, we take a neutral position of the return reason, and if we believe the return reason was fake or false iHaveit will not seek recovery of the returns postal fee. 

However, in all cases, the Seller must provide a pre-paid label to return the items back to your office after the review is completed if you require the item back. (This is separate and different to the marketplace costs to send the inventory to the iHaveit office.  The best solution to ensure this does not happen is ensure the YES to image artwork and YES to the condition is 100% correct before shipping the item, vastly reducing the risks and administration for the Buyer, iHaveit and you the Seller.

Dispute Return Claims
Sellers can commence a Returns Dispute if a buyer provides fake or misleading return reasons. If the dispute is agreed, we will reclaim the return postage from the customer.  For example, if a buyer says the record is not the same condition, but it actually is the same condition, or if a buyer says the item is not as described, but your description in iHaveit explicitly has the description. Meaning iHaveit would only seek a refund from the Seller for the actual returned item and would not charge the return postage. It is important to provide iHaveit verification details that can dispute the return claim, we can then commence a dispute to protect against your company false return costs and claims.