iHaveit Frequently Asked Questions


Updated 28.9.2020

  1. What is iHaveit?
    iHaveit is a Music and Entertainment Marketplace, connecting millions of buyers and sellers around the world

    However, iHaveit is not a traditional trading platform, iHaveit is a sales promotion platform that connects Music Collectors, Buyers and Sellers. iHaveit does not have ownership or possession of Seller listings. The contract for the buying and selling of anything on the iHaveit platform is directly between the buyer and seller on a buyers beware basis.
  2. Is there a cost to use iHaveit?
    No, iHaveit is a Free to Use platform
  3. Is there a cost to buy items from the iHaveit?
    No, there is no costs from iHaveit to buy items from iHaveit,
  4. Is there a cost to Sell items on iHaveit?
    Yes, iHaveit charge a 8.9% sales commission fee for items sold via the platform

    The iHaveit fees are separate from any charges you receive from PayPal when iHaveit send each sales order and payment to you.
  5. Why does iHaveit need your PayPal details?
    iHaveit is like eBay or Amazon. To enable iHaveit to pay you for sold items, iHaveit needs your correct profile location, currency and PayPal details. The profile and payment section ensures your currency is correct when looking at the value of your collection and is also needed so people can pay your bank account directly and automatically for items you sell.  It is secure like eBay and Amazon and is solely needed to ensure you are paid for items you sell. 
  6. iHaveit have included European VAT within this above calculation.
    This example is an indication of bank charges only as bank charges may alter between different banking payment gateways.
  7. When will I receive payment for the item I sold on iHaveit?  The payment has not arrived. 

    The payment between the buyer and seller is processed via the PayPal Gateway immediately at time of sale confirmation, A email notification is sent to the Buyer and Seller at time of sale confirming this.
  8. I imported my inventory file into iHaveit but the items are not showing for sale, why?

    For items to show as forsale in the 'I'm Selling' view you need to first add your Profile address and payment details.  These are needed so iHaveit users know the country you are selling from and is required so the buyers can pay you for items they purchase from you.  Add your profile and bank details (top right corner of iHaveit) and items will show for sale.
  9. How do I show the item in my local currency,  it is in the wrong currency.
    iHaveit automatically shows all items in your currency once you update your Profile and Payment details.   These are required to know your local country and preferred currency view.
  10. How can I add or charge the shipping delivery costs?
    Postage and delivery rates are separate and additional to the inventory price, 

    The Seller can add and update the shipping delivery charges from the iHaveit Profile section under Delivery.

    The delivery price is controlled completely by the Seller. 

    Sellers can also bulk add shipping delivery prices by bulk uploading delivery rates in the bulk import process page https://www.ihaveit.io/collection 
  11. An item I purchased did not arrive, how do I resolve this?
    At time of sale, both the Buyer and Seller are introduced to each other via a email and via the iHaveit Notifications function. If an item is not received the buyer needs to directly contact the seller to coordinate the delivery resolution.

    You can check your iHaveit Sale Notifications and messages regarding sales and how to contact the Seller to resolve any delivery issues.
  12. An item I purchased is not in the condition shown and sold on iHaveit, how do I resolve this?

    At time of sale both the Buyer and Seller are introduced to each other via a email and via the iHaveit Notifications function. If a item does not meet the expected sale conditions the buyer needs to contact the seller directly to coordinate resolution.
  13. How do I get a refund for a purchase if the sale goods do not arrive or does not meet my needs?

    iHaveit is not involved in the sale process, we are solely are platform enabling buyers and sellers to trade together. If you have issues post sale you need to communicate directly with the seller to resolve any issues,
  14. Who pays for the delivery for the sale?
    How to deliver and costs of delivery of items is agreed between the Buyer and Seller, iHaveit is not involved in the delivery process. The Buyer and Seller need to ensure they agree this as part of the sale process.
  15. Can I sell Bootleg or Counterfeit items on iHaveit
    No, iHaveit will not enable users to sell Bootleg or Counterfeit items. Users can add such items to their personal collections for cataloguing and valuation purposes, but iHaveit does not support the sale of bootleg or counterfeit items.
  16. My item is not available to purchase, there is none available. How do I create a wishlist so I am told when my item becomes available?
    Within iHaveit, when you push the Orange 'I Want It' button from the different pages if the item is available for sale it takes you to the pricing and option to buy, if the item is not available to buy iHaveit automatically places your interest in your 'I'm Buying' view. When a user offers the item for sale you will immediately receive notification that you can buy it if still interested.

    iHaveit Features and Functions - 'How Do I'
  17. This Video shows how to manually list an item for sale in iHaveit.

  18. I pressed the Sell It button  and nothing happened.
    After you pushed the sell it button the item will show in your I’m Selling circle and will automatically be available for sale if you have added your profile and payment details, these are needed so buyers can contact you and pay you once they purchase your item.

    If you have pushed the Sell It Button and it does not show it in I’m Selling circle please add your bank details. It will then show as available for sale, and will also automatically be available for others to search and buy.
  19. How can I change my iHaveit Password
    Go to the 'My Profile' section of your Account and select the 'Change
  20. I forgot my password or want to reset my password. How do I do this?
    To reset your password, simply go to the https://www.ihaveit.io/login and push the Forgotten Password and follow the reset steps
  21. How can I change my bank payment details
    Go to your Payments Details page, and edit your details.
  22. How to I delete or add items. How do I keep my iHaveit system reconciled with items I have sold elsewhere? iHaveit provides a compare and comparison function, reconciling your iHaveit online file with your new file, automatically removing any items that are no longer in your file, and adding any item items not previously in your inventory list. Each time you upload your collection it will reconcile any changes to your inventory.

    Secondly, you can manually delete items or manually add items to iHaveit.
  23. How do I go into holiday mode, or delete my entire collection.
    In your Profile, top right of the screen, press the Flush Account option. 
    The Flush option totally deletes your inventory. When you are ready to start selling again just bulk import your collection to commence new sales promotions.
  24. How can I check my sales order history?
    Go to your Order History page
  25. The image artwork in my collection is not the same as the item I own, how do I change the image artwork for my collection? Select the item in your collection, at the bottom left corner of the image is a edit icon  . press the icon, select your new image artwork, and save. this will change the artwork.
  26. How do I update the country details of a item I added to iHaveit. To correct inventory details in your collection, for example you have listed the right record but have listed the wrong  country, simply delete the old inventory item in My Collection, and reload. The delete function will remove the old inventory totally.

  27. How do I delete a item from my collection?
    Go into your My Collection page and push the delete icon on your selected item. You can search key words from your collection to quickly find the item, such as search artist name, catalog number, album name etc and push the delete icon.
  28. How can I bulk import by total collection.  
    Under your Profile, top right corner, select 'Import My Collection'. You can then drag and drop your inventory into iHaveit.
  29. How do I change my currency to my local currency

    Go into your Profile settings (top right) and change your currencies https://www.ihaveit.io/user/profile

    then set up your currency and also make sure your Delivery rates are set up   https://www.ihaveit.io/user/delivery

    and also check your PayPal is set up  https://www.ihaveit.io/user/delivery

    Save the changes as you go along, 
  30. I signed up for iHaveit but it will not let me log in
    When you register for iHaveit by email a verification email is sent to you. Once you click on the verification email your account can be used.  You can then go to the log on screen www.ihaveit.io and sign in

    Check your Spam mail box if you did not receive a email, and if this still fails then please email support@ihaveit.io who will assist you.

    Additionally, if you have changed your email address in your profile this will also change your log in userid. Check you have not changed your login email address. 
  31. How do I load my collection from iHaveit into eBay
    You can learn more here https://www.ihaveit.io/eBay
  32. How to load items for sale on the iHaveit Facebook group to the 18,500+ users https://www.facebook.com/groups/662511110614552/
  33. My xls inventory file will not load,  how do I fix this?
    There are specific headers you need to add to your xls file for iHaveit to automatically understand the file.  Here is the user guide to show the Row 1 headers we support, and here is a example xls file. Review Row 1 to show you an example of the headers aligned to the userguide. (you can use any of the header titles shown in the userguide).  
  34. Once your headers are added to the xls file simply click on the Import My Existing Collection button, on the bottom right of the iHaveit home page.
  35. How do I check the financial value of my record or CD?
    This video shows how to check the suggested value or sell price range or an item


  36. How can I upload my iHaveit or Discogs collection to eBay?  Learn more here
  37. What are the differences between iHaveit and Discogs, why should I use iHaveit if I am already using Discogs.

    To understand the key differences Click here


If the above frequently asked questions does not answer your requirements please email us at support@ihaveit.io